Reaper Complete Set of Pathfinder Paints - Colors of Golarion

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    Reaper has worked very closely with the amazing folks at Paizo Inc to bring this amazing range of colors to life. Each color was specifically chosen by the Paizo staff to correspond with the rich detail of Pathfinder's Golarion campaign setting. Using our Bones Ultra-Coverage formula, Pathfinder Paints offer high coverage with vibrant colors. Fans of Paizo and Reaper will find that these paints are ideal for all types of miniatures, including metal, resin, and plastic.
    • Smooth consistency
    • Perfect for metal, plastic and resin models
    • Dries matte
    • Water soluble, easy to clean
    • 1/2 ounce bottles (14.78ml) 
    Contains 1 each of the following Officially Licensed Pathfinder Colors of Golarion paints:
    MSP89501 Shelyn Blush
    MSP89502 Milani Rose
    MSP89503 Sinspawn Pink
    MSP89504 Seon iScarlet
    MSP89505 Merisiel Red
    MSP89506 Cailean Wine
    MSP89507 Asmodeus Red
    MSP89508 Urgathoa Red
    MSP89509 Cavalier Orange
    MSP89510 Numeria Rust
    MSP89511 Osirian Sand
    MSP89512 Cairn Stone
    MSP89513 Calistria Yellow
    MSP89514 Sarenrae Yellow
    MSP89515 Boggard Green
    MSP89516 Alchemical Green
    MSP89517 Lini Green
    MSP89518 Tian Xia Jade
    MSP89519 Goblin Green
    MSP89520 Hodag Green
    MSP89521 Medusa Green
    MSP89522 Grindylow Blue
    MSP89523 Akata Blue
    MSP89524 Ice Devil Blue
    MSP89525 Irrisen Blue
    MSP89526 Marid Blue
    MSP89527 Andoran Blue
    MSP89528 Ezren Blue

    MSP89529 Hobgoblin Blue
    MSP89530 Desna Blue
    MSP89531 Kraken Purple
    MSP89532 Ghoul Violet
    MSP89533 Azlanti Violet
    MSP89534 Arclord Purple
    MSP89535 Pharasma Purple
    MSP89536 Seugathi Purple
    MSP89537 Thuvian Sun Orchid
    MSP89538 Mwangi Brown
    MSP89539 Kellid Tan
    MSP89540 Taldan Pink
    MSP89541 Kyonin Beige
    MSP89542 Shoanti Sienna
    MSP89543 Gug Umber
    MSP89544 Mana Waste Gray
    MSP89545 Gozreh Gray
    MSP89546 Besmara Black
    MSP89547 Unicorn White
    MSP89548 Skeleton White
    MSP89549 Cold Iron
    MSP89550 Crusader Silver
    MSP89551 Keleshite Gold
    MSP89552 Valeros Gold
    MSP89553 Brevoy Copper
    MSP89554 Clockwork Brass
    MSP89555 Brigh Bronze
    MSP89556 Adamantine

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